The Undefeated Pencil

Entry into the 2023 Short Story & Poetry Contest.

Once upon a time there was a pencil named Pencilment. He was undefeated in everything he did. He won poem contests, chess tournaments, 101 rock paper scissors tournaments, and much more. Many admired Peniclment's talent, but Paperclip hated that he was never even near as talented as Pencilment. He thought that Pencilment should let others win sometimes.
One day Paperclip decided he had had enough of Pencilment being the best at everything. He decided to challenge Pencilment to the ultimate competition. The competition would involve hopscotch, chess, checkers, cactus growing, rock paper scissors, ping pong, and a few other games. Whoever won would be named the Greatest of all Time. Pencilment immediately exempted with absolutely no worry.
The next day the battle began. The first challenge was chess. Paperclip went first then Pencilment went. In just seven moves Pencilment beat Paperclip. Next they played hopscotch. This game was longer, but Pencilment still won. Pencilment won the next 4 games. Paperclip was about to give up, but he remembered why he was doing this.
The next game was cactus growing. Both Paperclip and Pencilment planted their cacti and began to take care of them. Paperclip used cactus powder to speed up the growing, but Pencilment had another idea: he put the cactus under heat. The competition was close, but with only seven seconds left on the timer Paperclip's cactus bloomed. He had won at that point he knew that he had a chance in beating Pencilment.
After six more games Paperclip was caught up to Pencilment. It was the last game and all tied up. It was time for tree climbing. They headed to Plant Park and found the perfect tree. Paperclip and Pencilment stepped in front of the tree and got ready.
Paperclip started in a surprising lead, but he started to slip. Pencilment passed him. Paperclip quickly recovers from the slip and starts climbing again...

Back at Sqaurton Public School Henry looks around for his pencil. He looks everywhere in the classroom, but still cannot find it.
Meanwhile Miss Banana looks for a paperclip.
Neither of them have any luck.

In Plant Park, Paperclip tries to catch up to Pencilment, but is quickly falling behind. Paperclip gets a boost and is suddenly close behind Pencilment. When they are almost at the top of the tree Paperclip miss places his foot and starts to fall.
Pencilment looked back and saw Paperclip began to fall. He knew he should help, but he has never been defeated. This would ruin his reputation.
Pencilment turned around and started quickly climbing back down the tree. He reached Paperclip before he fell and reached his hand out to soften the landing.
Pencilment guided Paperclip back inside as the whole park began to clap. Pencilment could have won, but he chose to help Paperclip.

Meanwhile at Sqaurton Public School Henry and Miss Banana wandered into the hall still looking for their pencil and paperclip.

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