One Day, Dog Man and Petey  go to walk  To Eat Donuts. They Watch Stopsign and signal. Red Means Stop Green Means Go. They going to Donuts Shop Evening 5 O Clock. Petey is Jumping so its Bumpted his Head. Petey is Kitty. In The Floor Petey Is Angry  VROO! Dog Man Help the Petey. Dog Man said NO ANGRY! Be Strong! Be Brave!. Petey Says Okey I will Be Brave with Smiley Face. Dog Man And Petey Reach In A Donuts Shop. They Eats Donuts Happly. The Dog Man And Petey go to Their House by Walk Again Carefully. After They Reach Home They Said To All Freinds Be Brave, Be Strong, And Be Kind To Everyone.

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