An Unlikely Friendship

Robin Himmelspach

Robin Himmelspach

Once long, long ago, in the vast expanse of sand humankind came to refer to as the Sahara desert, A great star shone above the dunes. The star longed more than anything to roam onto the sands, and look up at the moon from the ground, but as much as the star tried, she could not. She always remained stuck in the sky.
Years went by, the star tried everything she could to get out of the sky, but nothing ever worked. One day when the star was feeling particularly stuck, a coyote roamed into the plot of land the star always shined upon.
"You there!" The star shouted down. "Can you get me out of here?"
"Why would you want to come down?" The coyote asked.
"I have always wanted to roam onto the dunes, and look up at the moon from the ground." The star replied. "Every night I try to get down from here, but I am never able to."
"Down here it is hot." The coyote said. "It is hot, and food and water are scarce. The desert is not a good place to live."
"I need neither food nor water" the star called down to him. "And it is so cold here up in the sky, the heat will not bother me."
"But that is not all" the coyote said. "It is also lonely down here. Not many animals can survive the immense heat, and so I am always alone. I bet even stars need friends."
The star thought about what the coyote had said. He did make an excellent point. "Maybe I will stay up here then" she replied. "And every night you can come visit me. This way we will never be lonely."
"That sounds like a fine idea" the coyote said. And they lived happily ever after, together.

Entry into the 2023 Short Story & Poetry Contest

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